Display was founded in 2015 as a junction point between artistic and curatorial practices; understood as a transitory space, where creation, presentation, representation and questioning contemporary practices could be done simultaneously. Display embodies a (meta)physical and discursive transmission. 

Connection line between inside & outside, seen & unseen, the vitrine is a display. By extension, the exhibition room is a display. Artists are invited to invest the showcase/space and collaborate with the team for a site-specific installation with a focus on transformations and processes. We aim here to give attention to experimenting curation, exhibition design and devices. We are engaged in questioning image systems, investigating the positions, movements and relationships of the different actors and bodies in the space. Display is a space for experimental artistic and curatorial practices.

It is run by Marie DuPasquier and was founded together with Paul Polaris.








 Marie DuPasquier & Paul Polaris, 2015

Marie DuPasquier & Paul Polaris, 2015

MARIE DUPASQUIER (*1984, Lausanne) is a Swiss – French independent curator and museologist, living between Zürich and Berlin. She graduated in History of Art and Museology at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and has been Associate Curator & Administrator at Maison d’Ailleurs, Museum of science-fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys, and President of Biel/Bienne Photography Festival for several years. Although her work recalls photography, contemporary art, science-fiction, museum- and curatorial studies, it also reflects her curiosity for a transmedia and transdisciplinary approach. In her recent researches as a freelance curator, she focuses her interests on exhibition design and devices. She is the curator and director of Display, an art and project space in Berlin, co-founded with the artist Paul Polaris and created a Swiss union for curatorial practice, Capsula with the researcher Sara Petrucci. She is working for several galleries and develops new ways of collaborating on exhibitions with artists, like Lucia Kempkes (DE), Anna Meschiari (CH), Marta Djourina (BL) or the duo Anja Langer and Marie Jeschke (DE). She is currently initiating the curatorial research Contemporary Bodies for 2018-2019, research supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss art Council. 


PAUL POLARIS (*1982 in Zurich, Switzerland). Lives and work in Berlin since 2010. Paul Polaris is a visual artist. Polaris performative and installation-based work engages with architectonic, social and inner spaces, questioning and dealing with contemporary issues.Exhibitions & Performances: 2017 BINZ39 Zurich, 2016 Völkerkundemuseum Zurich, 2015 Salon Suisse Venedig, 2015 Cabaret Voltaire in collaboration with Hans Ulrich Obrist and STEO Stiftung, 2014 SOLLBRUCHSTELLE Zurich,2013-2014 Performances in collaboration with zURBS in public space Zurich, 2012 Sophiensaele Berlin, 2012 Hebbel am Ufer Berlin u.w. She initiated Display with Marie DuPasquier and run it together until 2016. 



Mansteinstr. 16
10738 Berlin

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Opening hours ONLY DURING EXHIBITIONS | refer to the homepage. 
Wed, Sat, Sun - 2am - 6pm | and appointment.