Breakfast at Paul's


Dolores Zoe Bertschinger & Paul Polaris

24 Jan, 2016

                                                                                                 Von Vorbildern und Ikonen © Paul Polaris

                                                                                                 Von Vorbildern und Ikonen © Paul Polaris

My guest for this BREAKFAST AT PAUL'S is Dolores Zoe Bertschinger (CH) - religious scholar, author and feminist. We met for more than a year ago in Venice, where I was preparing my project TOHU WA BOHU and therefore visited the golden ceiling of the Basilica di San Marco over and over again. Our shared interest in icons and how they find their ways on to golden ceilings, involved us in discussions, lasting until today and which we will gladly continue here in Berlin, having Birchermüsli, Spumiglie and Mango Lassi for breakfast.

Paul Polaris

BREAKFAST AT PAUL'S is a series of talks by Paul Polaris, where artists and guests are invited for breakfast to talk about beliefs, attitudes and the arts.