Enrico - autoaction in rehearsals

Marie Jeschke & Anja LangerExhibition Dec 15, 2016 to Jan 15, 2017


    electrique hugz gs gsgsgssss
    elektroische Umarmung
    light in
    The inside
    deep side in
    th inner
    deeper in in
    can't hide
    in in n n n n n
    there is no hidden thing
    glimps glimps limps imps ps sps ps ps

   Enrico, 2016


After its first year of exhibitions, projects and tests, Display is delighted to celebrate this last 2016 exhibition with the holistic installation of Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer. Display invites the two artists to meet, again, giving them a stage to invest and interpret the space. They considered the complexity of its hybrid status of transition place and daily working base with a great window allowing the acts of showing and being shown. This is a welcomed experiment on contact zones.

In a room, in a head, Anja Langer works the innerspace. While exploding its structures, she cleans the spread elements and recomposes these left traces in installations made of paintings and sculptures. Langer updates elements of the past, readjusts elements of nature while appropriating their colours and shapes in her “making useful” transformation process. On the other side of the angle, Marie Jeschke plays with remembrance and degradation, willingly using personal or common relics, marks or icons. Objects and the inherent process and fluidity of their substances preoccupy her as it raises the questions of their life’s trajectory, impermanence of their status and infinite ways of being activated or re- activated. Through installations made of different materials, objects, words-titles, movements, she seems to collect fragments of records in a kind of factice book of reason.

From differentiated intentions, they definitely join in diversion and decontextualisation of things. Here. They meet in a room, without blind spots. Investigating porosity of practices, individual minds, sense and resemblance by proximity, they reactivate the working place (Arbeitsplatz) of Display and its desks (Arbeitstische) in a scopic regime, as object to feature and device simultaneously. Re-vision of their vibrant shared space. Vision of a work situation. They were seeking for interconnection, interferences, in all cases reactions, they maybe dwindled the distance to the point of forming another voice. Enrico?

Display, 2016