Enrico - autoaction in rehearsals

Marie Jeschke & Anja Langer

15 Dec, 2016 - 15 Jan, 2017

    electrique hugz gs gsgsgssss
    elektroische Umarmung
    light in
    The inside
    deep side in
    th inner
    deeper in in
    can't hide
    in in n n n n n
    there is no hidden thing
    glimps glimps limps imps ps sps ps ps

   Enrico, 2016


Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer work in a studio which contains a dead angle.
It prevents them from seeing each other while working on their respective creations.
But still, they are close, physically, so that their works, initially produced with clearly different intentions, seem to be marked by this proximity. Departing from their originally isolated working processes they choose to join their gestures. They do so as an exercise of camaraderie, simply to be able to share, to be colleagues. Here, gestures meet and blend.

Between their respective disciplines, sculpture and painting, arise hybrid objects, painting-objects, and it becomes difficult to distinguish individualities and mediums. Out of this intense discussion emerges an utterance: transparent, marked by their imprints and lined by folds.

This new voice takes the form of glass plates, enriched on both sides with raw materials and fluids. These are fragile tables with razor sharp irregularities and angles protected with improvised padded frameworks. As a common object of the intimate sphere, the table relates to verbal and physical exchanges. Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer use this surface to rehearse their being-together, in a space. They play around.

This solo exhibition is an observation on porosity of practices, interconnection and interferences, loosing one‘s individual recognition, in counterpoint to the current tendencies of polarisation and withdrawal. An exhibition as a contact zone.