Ivan Liovik Ebel

28 Jan - 5 Feb, 2017


  Folds , detail, 2017 ©Ivan Liovik Ebel

Folds, detail, 2017 ©Ivan Liovik Ebel

This is the story of a man who had a hole in the tooth
In the hole there was a box
In the box there was a letter
And in this letter was written the story of
A man who had a hole in the tooth…

Display is glad to open the new year’s program with a solo exhibition of the artist Ivan Liovik Ebel, entitled Folds. While fortuitously referring to the origin of our space’s name, the exhibition aims to investigate one possibility of using the vitrine and deploy many possibilities of understanding the fact of making visible. Through his work, Ebel has become a master in discussing and approaching intermediate spaces, yet intangible, most of the time invisible. This time, he focuses on the in between the representation and the represented. By folding, deploying, by the act of multiplication and repetition of the object and its representation, in a clever play of references, between the space, its functions, the device and the presented piece, he puts on stage a fine recursive system. Folds. 
Ivan Liovik Ebel (born in 1983) lives and works in Berlin. He received his Masters in Contemporary Arts Practice from the Bern University of the Arts. In 2015 Ivan Liovik Ebel was nominated for the Berlin Art Prize. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at Kunsthaus Langenthal (CH), Kunsthalle Bern (CH), Random Institute, London (GB) and Bern (CH), Marks Blond Project, Bern (CH), ZQM, Berlin (DE), Lage Egal, Berlin (DE), Galerie Widmer Theodoridis, Zürich (CH), Annka Kultys Gallery, London (GB), Galerie Gilla Lörcher I Contemporary Art, Berlin (DE), among many others.