At DISPLAY, Berlin
Opening reception, April 26, from 11am

Event April 26 - 28, 2019 | Fri-Sun 11am -6pm
During Gallery Weekend

With the participation of Eva Funk, Lucia Kempkes and Niccolò Monorato

Spring in Berlin became a synonym for this long weekend dedicated to art and its multiple meetings that is Gallery Weekend. In the margins, project spaces are constituting alternative programs and views. We take this role very seriously. With the aim to give another tempo to the frenetic and sometimes beautiful but also tiring meandering through the art abundance. 

Starting from the terrain of Gallery Weekend, visitors might get to situations of an unplanned journey. Wandering through different landscapes, they would drop their everyday relations, their current goals and "let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there“ (Debord, 1956). Infinity Brunch is an invitation to dérive. We encounter the myth of climbing a mountain with the desire to conquer its peak in the work I wish I could climb Drawing #14 by Lucia Kempkes. Combining outdoor fantasies with domestic reality, she creates an environment addressing the need for home and adventure; the comforting every-day routine versus a vision and dream of oneself. Niccolò Monorato’s
work OOOroscope combines a visual experience, a narrative, and an elective horoscope on a very informative public space: the Teletext. It bears a striking resemblance to what astronomers really see on telescopes when they observe extra-solar planets: a few pixels. While Spoiler Of The Future 2018-2050 by Eva Funk compiles movie plots of post-apocalyptical films set in the years of 2018-2050. Her piece functions as encyclopedia and research tool as well as a probable future prediction.

Infinity Brunch provides a sort of relay and offer the possibility to decelerate and discuss these proposals for alternate realities over a long and continuous brunch during the weekend. 

Photo by Chroma