Julia Lia Walter & Gary Schlingheider

23 Jun  - 2 Jul, 2017



Looking through the front window, you would probably bend a little, squint your eyes and cover both sides of your face to try and see more clear what’s inside. By skillful plays of crossing lines and overlaying void spaces, Julia Lia Walter and Gary Schlingheider meet in Display for a duo exhibition. Based on this binary formula, their artworks resonate with the room and incorporate its components. 

Climbing the stairs, you would enter and start to feel the gravity. Look up and down, you would confront yourself with other bodies and objects, that allow you to look through them. The transparency of the materials in Julia Lia Walter’s case allows the paint marks to cast shadows on the wall. Schlingheider’s metal sculptures push the space boundaries. His drawings in the space reach the restrictions of their environment and cut the view while yet remaining open for the gaze to breach through to the rest of the room. 

Anticipating your trajectory, you would start to circulate, and attracted by closer views you would arrange your steps and lean if necessary, all the while repulsed by the idea of inconveniently disturbing or even just touching elements or someone by accident. While you would certainly move around, operating a constant zoom in and out, the installation will offer its different shades and depths. Various segments of the artworks overlap, as a cross section between surfaces, shapes, color and context. At one point, you would leave this intensively physical moment. Lean into the Curve.

Curated by Marta Djourina & Marie DuPasquier

Lean into the Curve, with Julia Lia Walter & Gary Schlingheider, Display 2017. Photo by Chroma and Marta Djourina