TOuch base


Benjamin dewor, Lea Tania Lo Cicero, Maria Cozma, Martin Remus, Lauren Huret,

 Karoline Kreißl, Christine Sun Kim & Thomas Mader, Berkay Tuncay, Serena Gregorio


At Mindscape Universe, Berlin

Opening 13 May, 7pm, 2016 // Exhibition 13 - 16 May, 2016



Touch Base l Flyer.jpg

For three days, the exhibition involving 10 artists coming from diverse nationalities and backgrounds (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United States, Italy and Turkey) will feature nine works, some of them produced in the context of the exhibition, in the work and art space of Mindscape universe. The exhibition conveys a wide range of media such as painting, video, performance and installation. It aims to show 10 personal responses to the intriguing question of the renewed perception of the body, language, and of body language, of the relation to the other and ourselves which has stemmed from the relationship with the mobile device. Through the exhibition, we zoom on the body and investigate how we negotiate our presence in our technological lives. 

This collaborative exhibition project aims to explore the real or fantasised relationships that one can have with a technological and interactive object. In that respect, the mobile device crystallizes our most powerful emotions. Its customized interface acts between the self and the world, and at the same time allows us to broadcast the truths we invent. The Smartphone functions as an extension of ourselves or as a body that receives our declarations of love or anger and the caresses of our fingers. It listens to our intimate breath and is involved in the production of our desires. The mobile device, with its strong presence, embodies new visions and powers, guides behaviours and gestures, all the while constantly blurring the lines of our perceived realities.

From a « corps-à-corps » to a fusion or confusion of feelings as the ones to which alludes the works presented in the show, our approach investigates left marks and impressions. Thought as a “moyenscope”, in reference to Jean-Luc Godard, who considered cinema as a « camescope », situated between a microscope and a telescope, the exhibition offers a view on the infinitely ordinary, the common, the too close, that we no longer see. 



Curated by Marie DuPasquier & Sara Petrucci assisted byJacques-Henri Sennwald (Capsula), in collaboration with Mindscape Universe. 

Touch Base, 2016. Photo by Max Hilsammer and Adrienne Bovet